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Sometimes I receive nice messages or feedback from friends, family and business relations. Therefore I would like to post some of them below as a thank you to all of them. X

Xandra and I've been friends with each other. I've always seen her as an actress "or maybe someone who knows how to behave in any situation and able to adapt. She has an acting talent that should not be pushed. When we were once invited to a play in which she starred, for the first time, I almost fell backwards from what I saw. A totally different Xandra I do not know, but so believable in her game! That a screw is loose on her, that I knew all along, but that she had to play with a split personality ... Just brilliant!

Through my girlfriend we got hold of Xandra to star in a commercial. She adapts brilliant after the director's feeback; A very responsive and enthusiastic woman. After a bitterly cold, not very easy shooting weekend Xandra adhered professional with a successful outcome. We could not imagine a better actress!

A better TV mom and dad for Kito than Xandra I could have never imagined. Kito doesn't normally like to listen to others who are not his real boss, but Xandra brought this so natural and real that Kito just had to listen to her. At the fhe first commercial of Electrabel, Kito was a bit suspicious when Xandra was stroking over his head so he just admitted it that one time. But that of course you do not see on television. The dog-party was top! It took a long time to do what they had to do. Every dog, especially the dog in the air dangling was not evident. Thanks to a harness and a few helping hands and the result was fantastic! I feel bad for those who had to clean the house afterwards. 




When I have to make a report for TV Zemst or Moon TV, I'm secretly hoping that Xandra is going too. She doesn't need much preparation when she takes an interview of someone. She knows exactly what to ask and how she should behave as an interviewer. I've learned a lot from her, so my enthusiasm is growing. As a loyal fan of Thuis, I thought Xandra was amazing in her part as lawyer Sarah Volders.  I secretly hope she will return again in the tv series, but then for a longer time.


The first time I met Xandra, it  was during the filming of a TV commercial directed by my friends. A super smooth, sympathetic woman who knows how to handle everything. One day she was suddenly in the make up room of Studio A to shoot in 'Family' with me. I didn't had any idea she was casted for the role, so that was great! A bit of laughter during the filming with a fantastic result. Well done Xandra!


Hey Xandra, we got news from the customer that he is very satisfied! The commercial scores above their European average and also looks much nicer than the other, they say. But that's why we chose you of course ;-) greetings, Tom




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