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How ... Behind the scenes

Making of Kito & his puppies

Working with Kito is always fun! It takes a lot of time and patience to work with animals. Luckily there's always a professional crew who knows what they are doing. The first time I played a part in the commercial I simply couldn't believe how inventive those people are to obtain just that certain image on screen. Luckily Kito is a very professional actor, so working with him is kind of fun and exciting. I still remember when they needed a room full of dogs in the second commercial. That wasn't easy. I still feel compassionate about those who had to clean up the whole house. They even had to use a harnas to get the dog hanging on the ceiling. Even Kito has to concentrate on his boss while sitting on the exact spot and looking at the right direction. And then those cute puppies. They were lovely! I had to be careful, because they were just several weeks old. That's why some of them were sleeping all the time. Although there was a female wild one who always tried to leep out from the blanket I was holding. I have to admit I was a little afraid when holding them. But, there were always two people close around who jumped in within a second when one of the puppies tried to get out. Even when I was sitting behind the desk and those lovely puppies where walking all around the table, cushions and two people were lying next and beneath me for catching them if one of the doggies might fall down. Unfortunately I couldn't take one of those cuties with me. :)

Making of MELI 

This was actually very funny on set. We had to find a pose where I can easily pick up the 'flying in the air' MELI choco bottle. We tested a lot of possibilities, but it wasn't easy! Next to me was standing a woman who throw the bottle and I had to catch it while looking at her. If I didn't look at her it went totally wrong! :) The bottle kept falling on the ground, so we decided to do it like the first one. On screen I don't really push the MELI choco bottle to the camera. It was an empty bottle that was fastened with a nail in a long rectangular wooden stick. A woman on my right had to walk - almost run - while holding the stick to the camera (off screen of course), while I released it on a certain moment so she could situate it on the exact spot in front of the camera. Yeah, as you can see on the very quick movement, we had to try that one for several times. :)

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