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About Xandra

Ever since I was little, I have lived in a fantasy world. I talked about the most magical, mystical creatures from the classic prince on the white horse to monsters, elves, fairies, vampires, wood nymphs who all lived together in a self-created dystopian world. Without even realising it, I drew all the attention to myself. My dad always had his camera at hand to film and capture everything. To this day, I still catch myself sometimes dreaming away to that other world. That is probably why I love reading English fantasy books. This gives me a lot of inspiration and energy to perform, whether it is on stage, in a film, TV series or commercial. As an actress, it is almost an art to crawl into someone's head and body without losing oneself in the process. That is why I have such a great passion for acting.


Besides acting, there is a hidden, crazy ‘geekaholic’ in me scouting out new trendy stuff and the latest gadgets or just that ‘one’ something that nobody has yet. In my spare time I regularly ride my mountain bike through the woods and mountains. Every summer I push my limits and climb the high Alps in Switzerland. I love speed, power and adrenaline, but to stay in balance I also do some yoga. Perfect combination! :-)

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